Dedicated to helping out where we can a group of People came together to make a difference after the 2015 Earthquakes.
After 3 weeks of trekking to villages, building shelters, temporary schools and delivering a range of supplies and uniforms we decided our work would continue.

We (Jonno and Cass) are two Australians from the beautiful Grampians in Victoria have formed a strong bond with our Nepali friends, family and new friends to create a sustainable group that will continue to give back to the Nepali people thought time.

After the 2015 earthquakes we worked in Kavre to establish temporary shelters in remote villages who were yet to see aid. We delivered school books, pencils and again revisited later to check the progress of the village.
We met with the teachers from the Shree Primary school in Bhaktapur and delivered 60 uniforms for the children.

Our work may not be extensive but in the 3 years post earthquake we have continued to donate school essentials, uniforms, food and continue to help motivate each small school. Our visits not only excite the school children but entire villages. We aim to inspire each community we work with to continue projects even when we cannot be around.

Heading to Nepal? We would love to help you out. We have a trip coming up in June 2018 and would love to show you around. Contact us now.